Raspberry Pi Zero W Starter Kit

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Raspberry Pi Zero W Starter Kit

Een geweldige bundel van dingen die je nodig hebt om aan de slag te gaan met de Raspberry Pi Zero W.

Bevat een SD-card met voorgeïnstalleerd besturingssysteem, een slimme en kleurrijke Pibow Zero W behuizing en zelfs een Blinkt! meerkleurige LED-strip om je mee te nemen in je eerste stappen in Python.

Deze kit bevat:

  • Pi Zero W (header benodigt solderen)
  • Pibow behuizing
  • 16GB micro-SD card met voorgeladen besturingssysteem
  • Blinkt! multicolour LED strip
  • Male 2×20 pin header
  • 50cm USB A naar micro-B kabel
  • USB A (female) naar micro B (male) adaptor
  • mini naar full-size HDMI adaptor
  • Stickervel (personaliseer je Pibow!)
  • Dit alles in een her te gebruiken doosje

The built-in wireless LAN and Bluetooth on the Pi Zero W frees up the micro-USB port, and makes for a really tiny package when using the Zero W in embedded, headless Internet of Things projects. Or why not use a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, and hide your Pi behind your monitor or TV?
Our beautiful Pibow case will keep your Pi Zero W protected from bumps and bruises. It has a clear top layer, and frosted red, purple, and blue layers. The clever design leaves the GPIO pins free, letting you attach our add-on boards like the Blinkt! while your Pi is still safely ensconced in its case. You can use the included sticker sheet to personalise your Pibow!
The included 16GB micro-SD card comes pre-loaded with the Raspbian operating system. Just remove it from the larger SD card adaptor, pop it into the slot on your Pi Zero W before putting it into the Pibow case, and you’ll be up-and-running in next to no time
“The Blinkt! multicolour LED strip is the perfect way to take your first steps with coding in Python. The Getting Started with Blinkt! guide will teach you the basics, and there’s a bunch of code examples in the Blinkt! GitHub code repository to give you an idea of what’s possible.


  • Blinkt! with eight APA102 RGB LEDs
  • Pi Zero W with single core CPU and built-in wireless LAN and Bluetooth
  • Pibow Zero W acrylic case
  • 16GB micro-SD card with NOOBS 2.2 pre-loaded
  • Adaptor kit
  • 50cm USB A to micro-B cable (power your Pi from an existing charger or computer)
  • Python library
  • Female and male headers require soldering

The Python library will give you full control over your Blinkt! There’s even a nifty one-line installer to get everything set up super-quick. There’s details on how to get started in the tutorial.

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